Who is Aromas by Red?

Aromas by Red is my baby. 

I am mum to three very full on children (!), married to the most amazing man I've ever met who is also married to the most amazing woman he's ever met 😉), and I'm pretty crafty and enjoy playing and experimenting with certain things where I've been intrigued enough to think that I could do that!

I make my own jewellery, body sprays, hand wash and body washes, lotions, and  pillow sprays. I love playing with fimo and seeing what I come up with. 

I like to bake and regularly tweak recipes depending on my mood! 

Since I was a teenager I used various forms of room and home fragrancing,  such as oil burners, incense sticks, plug ins, and of course candles and wax melts. 

Many months ago I melted a big brand name wax tart....and it ended up feeling anticlimactic! So naturally I wondered if I could make my own....🤔

And the seed for Aromas by Red was sown 🌳

I have a love for designs and symbols such as Celtic, Scottish, Chinese, Aztec, Mayan,  Tribal and many many more. 

And I want to blend my love of these with beautifully scented wax and be proud of how I fragrance my own home 💞

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