About Us

I love fragrancing my home in a variety of different ways, however I always felt let down when using wax melts. 

I'm pretty crafty and have been creating for over 20 years!

For personal use I make jewellery, body sprays, hand and body washes, body lotions, and pillow sprays for example. I like to bake and regularly tweak recipes depending on my mood. 

So I decided to try making my own wax melts.....and Aromas by Red was born! 

I spent months developing a wax blend that made me happy, perfecting my techniques,  and experimenting with fragrances and designs so you can be sure that you won't find some of my pretty designs anywhere else. 

All my melts are hand poured at home in my kitchen so that I can ensure I am producing high quality melts with long lasting fragrance, and every batch is tested. 

My love of scented wax has grown so much that I am working on other ways to fragrance your home! I am still in the early stages but watch this space!