How to use our Reed Diffusers

  •  Our reed diffusers are sent with the liquid and fragrance oil already combined. Remove all packaging before using your products.
  • Unscrew the metal cap and the plastic plug will pop up. Use gloves when handling and disposing the plastic plug.
  • Screw cap back onto the bottle and add desired number of reeds.
  • Allow reeds to soak up some of the liquid and begin releasing the fragrance. Some fragrances may require the reeds to be flipped after a couple of hours.
  • Use gloves when handling. 
  • When the fragrance doesn’t smell as strong, try giving the bottle a gentle swirl or flipping the reeds. However don’t flip too often as this will cause the reeds to get clogged.
  • Place your reed diffuser where there is plenty of movement in the room to help the fragrance travel but also up high out of reach. Avoid placing the reed diffuser near air conditioning, radiators, doors leading outside and even windowsills as these can cause the fragrance to evaporate quicker.
  • Do not place the diffuser directly onto, or allow the reeds to touch, polished, painted, leather or plastic surfaces, or electrical equipment as accidental spillage or liquid transfer may cause damage to certain materials.
  • Always put your reed diffuser on a level surface.
  • People suffering from perfume sensitivity should be cautious when using our reed diffusers.
  • When the reed diffuser is empty simply dispose of the old reeds and re-purpose the glass bottle!

 Safety Information