Wax Melts FAQ's

Effective 25th May 2020 

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are like scented candles but without the wick! Instead you use an appropriate wax melt burner either plug in or tealight, and as the wax melt warms up and melts, the fragrance is released into the room.

How do I use wax melts?
If you bought clamshells then break off a heart or 2 and put in an appropriate wax melt burner. 
If you bought wax knots then put 1-2 in an appropriate wax melt burner.

If you bought wax triskells then you could break off 1-2 pieces, or you could put the whole triskell in an appropriate wax melt burner.

Just bear in mind that how much you burn at any time will depend on your burner; too little and the fragrance won't very travel far and will burn out fairly quickly, too much and the fragrance may travel far but will burn out earlier than maybe you expected. The suggestions above are what I burn at any time to get the most out of my melts.

When using a tealight burner, only use unscented tealights.

Be careful to not overfill the burner.

I have an oil burner - can I use that?
That depends on the type of oil burner you have.  Oil burners generally have a smaller bowl which is closer to the tealight than wax burners which can make the wax get too hot and burn off too quickly, and the smaller bowl can hinder the fragrance. 

So what should I look for in a wax burner?
A wax melt burner should ideally have approx 8cm between tealight (4x hour tealights only) and base of the bowl. The bowl itself should be wide to allow the fragrance to travel. Finally it should say suitable for wax melts - a burner that sells itself just for oil might not be suitable. 

There are also burners, or wax melt warmers, that use tealights, and there are others that plug in. Please be aware that my wax melts may not properly melt or throw a strong fragrance in some electric burners. 

 How far will the fragrance reach in my home?
This will depend on your room size, the amount of wax you use, the temperature of your room, any open windows, even placement of the wax burner. For best results close windows in the room where the wax melts are burning and make sure there is plenty of air flow around the burner. You may want to experiment to find the best location.

How long will they smell for?
Again this will depend on the amount of wax you use and what type of burner you are using, for example a tealight burner will release a bigger hit of fragrance to begin with and then slowly decreases with each burn, whereas an electric burner doesn't get as hot as a tealight so would release a more gentler fragrance over a longer period of time. Neither is necessarily better than the other; this is down to personal preference. We have clients who have both types in their homes.

Why can't I smell it anymore?
This can be down to 1 of 2 things; either the fragrance has burned out of the wax, or you have become nose blind! It is recommend with fragrances to regularly vary what you use as we can become nose blind very quickly. We have at home and for testing, for example, several wax burners with removable bowls. We will burn 1 fragrance for the duration of a 4 hour tealight, then when the wax has gone cold and set we will remove the bowl and replace it with one we prepared earlier! and burn a different fragrance. This helps us to enjoy the fragrances for longer. Some of our clients have different fragrances burning in different rooms.

The wax really doesn't smell anymore, how do I get it out of the burner?
Depending on the type of burner you use, there are a couple of ways to remove the wax:
1. If it has cooled and set, try gentle pressure on one end of the wax until it pops out however if the bowl is glass we do not recommend this. If the bowl is removable try popping it in the freezer for 5 minutes to make it pop out easier,
2. If the wax is still liquid in the burner you can use cotton balls to soak up the wax and dispose of accordingly. Please be aware the wax may be still hot so take care to not let it touch your skin.

Do not use metal or sharp objects as this may crack or damage the burner, and /or may cause injury. 

Can I use more 2 or more different fragranced wax melts in the same burner at the same time?
No! Although some people do this, we do not recommend it. Safety Data Sheets are available for all fragrances that we sell and these are professionally created for each particular fragrance. Mixing fragrances can result in unpredictable reactions.

Do you have Safety Data Sheets and CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging)?
We have Safety Data Sheets available upon request, and we are CLP compliant (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) for all items that we sell. Safety Data Sheets are available upon request and all items have CLP on them. These are reviewed regularly.

How do I look after my wax melts?
Keep the wax melts in the packaging they were sent in - this packaging is specially chosen as it doesn't leech or transfer the fragrance out of the wax. If you remove the wax from its packaging to store in something else when not melting in a burner, we cannot guarantee the quality of the wax melt at this point.

Keep all wax melts at normal room temperature, out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.


The FAQs were last updated 25th May 2020.